Where to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day In Melbourne

If you’ve never kissed a Blarney stone and don’t have a clue what the craic is, then get down to one of these Irish pubs and find out.

The Dan O’Connell

The Dan O’Connell, affectionately known as ‘The Dan’, has become an iconic St Patrick’s Day destination each year, renowned for the masses that spill out its doors, onto the pavement and into the nearby park. Stop in early for a big breakfast on your way to work, with pork sausage, black pudding, bacon, tomato and a fried egg, and if you’re feeling a bit cheeky you can add a dab of Bailey’s to Irish up your morning coffee, or settle for a simple breakfast tea.

25 Canning Street, Carlton.

The Last Jar

If the last few St Patty’s have seen you a little worse for wear and the last thing you want to see is another bright green top hat, then The Last Jar is everything you won’t see in a run-of-the-mill Irish-Pub full of Gaelic clichés. Owner Siobhan Dooley and head chef Tim Sweeney have set about bringing true Irish culture and eating traditions to the Australian table. The menu draws inspiration from lesser-known Irish ingredients such as nettle and seaweed and combines these with popular Irish fare like Guinness and Barry’s tea. Here you’ll find things such as Guinness ice-cream or even whisky infused salmon.

616 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne.

Bridie O’Reilly

The ever reliable Bridie O’Reilly will be responsible for most of the mayhem south of the Yarra, offering up a full breakfast and pint of the black stuff. Tunes and giveaways will be on throughout the day, so make sure to nab an early spot in the beer garden before it gets packed out.

If you’re lucky enough to drag yourself from bed without a hangover, or maybe even just want to push through the hangover completely, the Bridie will be hosting a recovery session the day after to help you pick up the pieces of your dignity. Drink specials will also be there if you’re keen for the hair of the dog.

462 Chapel Street, South Yarra.

The Quiet Man Irish Pub

Believe it or not, but this pub was designed and built in Ireland and in 1998 shipped to Melbourne brick by brick to be assembled all over again. The Quiet Man is renowned for its genuine Irish fair, live music and generally craic’n atmosphere, importing that quintessential friendly Irish vibe all the way from the emerald Isle. On the 17th of March, the pub extends into the streets for a big day of music, entertainment and food stalls. It’s the perfect Irish day out for those with kids.

271 Racecourse Road, Flemington.

The Irish Times

The Irish Times feels like you’ve stepped into a pub right in the heart of Cork, with its it’s genuine Irish pub style wrap-around bars, dark wood interior, cosy fireplaces and lovingly displayed rugby memorabilia. Like its Irish brethren, the Times will be kickstarting the day with the full Irish brekky and easing into a day filled with live music, bagpipes and lots of green giveaways.

427 Little Collins St, Melbourne.
  1. 1Dan O’Connell
    25 Canning Street, Carlton
  2. 2The Last Jar
    616 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne
  3. 3Bridie O’Reilly
    462 Chapel Street, South Yarra
  4. 4The Quiet Man Irish Pub
    271 Racecourse Road, Flemington
  5. 5The Irish Times Pub
    427 Little Collins St, Melbourne

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