New Year’s Hacks: Turn 20 Days Of Annual Leave Into 47 Days Of Travel

How to stretch your annual leave to the limit.

It’s an event that most people dream about and only happens a few times in your lifetime, like a lunar alignment or a rare shooting comet.

We’re talking about the beautiful moment when all your public holidays are perfectly in tune with your annual leave balance. When you can cheat the HR demigods and string together a chain of public holidays to create the longest, best holiday ever.

But these extended holidays don’t just happen. It takes planning and aforethought, and careful scrutiny of the Australian public holiday calendar. Thankfully, Contiki are all over it. The tour company, whose job is basically to get us out of work as much as possible, have trawled the 2017 calendar and put together a handy chart that shows how you can convert 20 days of annual leave into 47 days of travel.

Using the chart below you can track when public holidays and weekends sync together and then fill in the gaps using your annual leave.

While it’s not a continuous 47 days of travel, there’s always time to petition the Andrews Government for more public holidays. In the meantime, open that atlas and start planning your next big adventure.

Looking for some inspiration? We’ve tracked down some awesome travel videos to get you started.




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