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The Seven Wonders Of The World Bucket List Series

The Seven Wonders Of The World: Taj Mahal

While we may marvel at the beauty in nature and look upon mankind’s encroachment into the natural world with disappointment, we should not forget man’s ability to create monuments that capture that same sublime awe.

16.02.16|James Pilbrow

The Seven Wonders Of The World: Petra

This ancient Nabatean city in the heart of Jordan is a hidden visual overload of vibrant desert hues, mammoth cliffs, forgotten rock-cut tombs and towering carvings. Become lost in an ancient world far removed from modern civilisation, with secrets still waiting to be unearthed.


Exploring The Witch Market Of La Paz

The chill and howling winds of autumn in La Paz is enough to make you believe in spooks, we visit the intriguing Witch Market of La Paz to explore some local superstitions. Warning: This story contains graphic images.

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What You Need To Know About Travel Vaccinations

You’ll find that you won’t need vaccinations to safely travel in some parts of the world, but in many you do. With a glut of information on the Internet, where can you turn? Here’s our guide to safeguarding your health before you travel.

11.03.16|James Pilbrow

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24 Hours In Sydney

You've just stepped off the plane and have only a handful of days or hours to spare, what do you do? Let us be your guide to the best day trip to Sydney.

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