Where To Find Melbourne’s Greatest Record Stores

The current vinyl revival needs no real introduction. Vinyl records are treasures and any true record fan will tell you there’s a real magic to playing your favourite albums on wax that isn’t there in the same way as listening to a CD or using a streaming service. Whether you’re new to vinyl or you’re the kind of person who’ll eat spaghetti for three weeks so you can save for a special edition, here are a few essential places around the city that should tickle your fancy.

Dixons Recycled

Both Dixons locations in Brusnwick and Fitzroy smell like your weird Grateful Dead-loving uncle’s living room (in the best way possible). What we mean by that is, Dixons has old vinyl coming out its ears. While here expect to see all the classics, keep an eye out for some more obscure items, and be sure to ask the staff about anything rare or collectible they might have in stock. The Brunswick store stocks a lot of funk, hip-hop and R&B, as well as vintage hi-fi for every budget. So if you’re looking for ten Neil Young albums that are better than Harvest, or if you’re a P-funk tragic, this is your spot. You’ll never know what you might find!

100 Railway Rd, Blackburn and 414 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

Greville Records

The south-side’s premier vinyl spot, Greville Records has been tucked away just off Chapel St for well over 30 years, and is great for the rock n’ roll fan, particularly if you’re after things that are old and rare, or newer things can still take you back to an simpler time for 45 minutes at 33&1/3 rpm. Greville also stock plenty of music-related paraphernalia and memorabilia, so you can grab some books and an old tour poster to go with that Pretty Things 7” you’ve been chasing. Come for a piece of history!

152 Greville St, Prahran

Record Collector’s Corner

Well, this store huge, so there’s something for everyone here. Since merging with the legendary punk and metal haven, Missing Link, a few years ago, Record Collector’s Corner has grown to become one of Melbourne’s largest and most diverse record stores. If you want to dance and you’re after a copy of Word Up! but know you’ll also be in a black metal mood later, they’ll have all bases covered. This is a one-stop-shop for the kind of person who listens to a little bit of everything!

Level 1, 387 Bourke St, Melbourne

Polyester Records

The vinyl revival isn’t just a nostalgia-driven, crate-digging and soul-searching exercise glorifying classic bands. The present-day music-making community is also embracing the revived format too. Limited-edition vinyls are no longer just the domain of the Jack Whites of the world, and your favourite Melbourne band has probably just done a limited run of their latest album on beer-coloured vinyl or something similarly outrageous. This is where Polyester have got your back. Indie labels? Check. Local stuff? Check. In-store gigs? Check. A phenomenal place that doing an amazing job supporting independent artists.

387 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

Northside Records

Often referred to as Melbourne’s home of new soul music, which is a veritable melting pot at the moment with bands like Hiatus Kaiyote, Northside Records has been dealing in all kinds of grooves for over a decade. Owner Chris Gil also has a weekly show on 3RR and releases music from a growing roster of Melbourne artists. Northside hosts many in-store gigs too – even funk legend George Clinton has played there. Can we get to that? Yes.

236 Gertrude St, Fitzroy

Thornbury Records

T-Recs is a little place with an astoundingly well-curated selection of records, including a lot of local artists. The crew at Thornbury offer high-quality vinyl to CD, mp3 and FLAC transfers as well for people who want the best digital representation of their 200-gram edition of Autobahn they can possibly get. It’s also a go-to for turntable parts, and they do exceptional turntable maintenance and repairs, too. You don’t want to take that old Systemdek you found on Gumtree to just anyone, do you?

591 High Street, Thornbury

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  1. 1Dixons Recycled
    100 Railway Road, Blackburn
  2. 2Dixons Recycled
    414 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
  3. 3Greville Records
    152 Greville Street, Prahran
  4. 4Record Collector’s Corner
    Level 1, 387 Bourke Street, Melbourne
  5. 5Polyester Records
    387 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
  6. 6Northside Records
    236 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy
  7. 7Thornbury Records
    591 High Street, Thornbury

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