5 Waterfalls You Can Actually Swim In

Feeling adventurous this summer? Why not escape the crowds and discover one of Victoria’s many waterfalls to cool off in. Here are the top waterfalls for bathing within driving distance of Melbourne’s CBD.

Turpins Falls. Photo by Parks Victoria.

Turpins Falls

Turpins Falls is a freshwater billabong situated along the Campaspe River which is a 1.5 hour drive North of Melbourne’s CBD. The 20 metre high waterfall runs into a refreshing pool surrounded by rock walls where cliff diving was once popular. Cliff diving has now been prohibited following injuries, so the best entry for swimming is via the river outlet of the lagoon where entry is shallow and gradual.


Burrong Falls

The Grampians National Park has plenty of waterfalls to offer such as Beehive Falls and MacKenzie Falls (Victoria’s largest waterfall) where swimming is no longer permitted, however if you’re looking for a place to splash around in whilst visiting, Burrong Falls is the perfect chill-out spot for a hot day. Created by staggered rock steps that span 20 metres, the falls empty into paddle-pools that are perfect for laying back under the gushing water and letting your feet hang off the ledges.

Grampians National Park
Ladies' Bath Falls.

Ladies Bath Falls

Mount Buffalo’s Eurobin Falls Walks is home to multiple falls created by the melting snow and rain from the mountain’s peak. The first waterfall you come across on the walk is Ladies Bath Falls, a picturesque lagoon that offers a delightful and safe swimming spot. This pool is best for hotter days as the water can get quite chilly.

Mount Buffalo National Park

Erskine River Rapids and Falls

At the Erskine River Rapids, you technically won’t be swimming in a pool below a waterfall, however, it is likely you will have this well-kept secret to yourself as tourists often flock to Erskine Falls just upstream. Located right before the river empties into the sea, the rapids were created by a solidified lava overflow which has left the rock beneath the water full of smooth bumps that send the water gushing in many directions. Since the falls are only a few hundred metres from Lorne’s town centre, a road trip would be the best way to experience both Erskine Falls and the rapids. If you have the time, we recommend taking the Cora Lynn Cascades walk to see another incredible and hidden waterfall.

Gooram Falls. Photo by That's Melbourne.

Gooram Falls

Gooram Falls is a series of two cascades in Seven Creeks separated by a 20 m flat section of water that is perfect for bathing. The native flora and fauna that surrounds the river makes it easy to imagine yourself in central Australia, with plenty of flat land suitable for picnicking so pack wisely. Keep in mind, swimming in Gooram Falls is only possible during low flow conditions.

  1. 1Turpins Falls.
    Turpin's Falls, Victoria
  2. 2Burrong Falls
    Grampians National Park, Victoria
  3. 3Ladies Bath Falls
    Ladies Bath Falls, Victoria
  4. 4Erskine River Rapids And Falls
    Lorne, Victoria
  5. 5Gooram Falls
    Euroa, Victoria

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