Move Over Tinder. Five Reasons ‘Happn’ Is The Dating App Of 2017

If you spent 2016 haplessly swiping left, fixing date nights after work and then being disappointed when you realise you share absolutely nothing with your date – then listen up.

In a time when digital singledom puts you on show for the whole world to see (okay, maybe just your city), it’s refreshing to find an app that throws back to a simple time when couples met without all the sleaze and dick pics.

The premise behind happn is surprisingly simple. While you go about your day, happn works in the background to see if you’ve crossed paths with any potential dates. Suitors will then appear on your timeline as little profiles. You can see when and where you met other users and, if you both ‘heart’ each other, you can start chatting. If you’ve ever walked past a cute guy on the way to brunch with the squad and wondered if you’d ever meet again, this is pretty much the best way to make it happen.

The real-life aspect of the app is what’s got us excited and places it head and shoulders above the rest of the digital dating scene. Here’s why.

1. Ditch the annoying range filters – meet singles who actually live near you

Sure, Tinder and other apps let you change the scope of matches to an area around you. But what happens if Mr Sydney is in town with his mates and there’s pretty much zero chance you’ll ever make it work. happn brings things back to basics, bringing people together who actually live and work close to each other.

2. You’ll have an immediate conversation starter

You might have crossed paths at the gym, in the book store, at the shops or even at the same gig in Richmond last week. The ‘path-crossed lovers’ concepts means that you’ll be able to see exactly how you crossed paths with your crush, making it much easier to find something in common without the awkward chit-chat that comes with other first dates.

3. A second shot at love

Let’s face it, love is hard and inconvenient. Maybe you’re painfully bad at flirting, or you just didn’t have the time to stop for a chat (you busy boss lady, you), or you’re actually Gwyneth Paltrow and your life is full of fateful Sliding Doors moments. happn laughs in the face of serendipity. Now you get a second chance to strike up a conversation, flirt with your gym crush or simply find that handsome face you saw on the peak hour train.

4. Goodbye finger slips

Remember that time you zoned out swiping left and then accidentally ditched the cute dentist with the perfect smile. Yeah. Thankfully happn lets you revisit profiles you met in the past at any time without having to pay a fee. Plus, if your crush is a neighbourhood regular you’re almost guaranteed to cross paths again.

5. No hearts. No problem.

Sick of all those annoying ‘hey…’ messages lurking in your inbox. It’s a maze of awkward and creepy that, frankly, we can all do without. Users on happn can only unlock chat after they have both ‘hearted’ each other. That means ultimate control rests with you, making the user-experience far more comfortable.

6. It’s beautifully simple

Yep, we’ve thrown in a sixth one. Because real romance is surprising like that, and you never know when something unexpected will happen. Ultimately we really love happn because it throws back to the days when love could be found anywhere, with real connections between real people every day in the most unexpected paces. Just like when grandma and grandpa met.

Keen to put an ending to your revolving-door love life in 2017? You can check out the happn app on the iTunes Store or with Google Play.

This article is produced together with Happn. Thanks to our sponsors who help make Local Eyes possible.

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