Mix Tape: The Falls Festival Bucket List

Nothing beats that feeling of riding down the coast with windows down and tunes blaring through the car speakers. It’s just an entrée to what you’ll be seeing live in a few days times at Falls Festival – which this year sees Childish Gambino, Grandmaster Flash and Client Liason among its starring headliners.

To get you fired up, we’ve gone and put together our perfect Falls Festival mix tape for you to enjoy – even if you’re not going down to Lorne. Feast your ears.

Baro – ‘wdubi’

Melbourne’s gradually becoming a rap and R&B melting pot thanks to people like Baro. He’s been kicking around Melbs for a few years now and should be on his way to great things.

Childish Gambino – Me and Your Mama

Mr. Gambino, aka prolific multi-tasker Donald Glover, threw the world a curveball back in November with his third album “Awaken, My Love!”, which saw a monumental shift from his pop-rap beginnings towards some pretty ambitious, retro R&B. ‘Redbone’ sounds like it could be a Bootsy Collins tune from the late ‘70s.

Grandmaster Flash – The Message

Pioneering golden-age hip-hop artists like Grandmaster Flash are usually the domain of other, more niche festivals. Put him on your bucket list.

Pond – ‘30000 Megatons’

These Perth psych-rock legends, known by some for their at-times overlapping line-up with fellow Western Australians Tame Impala, have branched out into broader pop and electronic stylings in recent years. Far weirder than their more famous sister band, and deserving of more recognition in their own right than they often get.

Client Liason – Feed the Rhythm

Melbourne’s favourite ‘80s corporate-culture aficionados are part Ansett Australia and part American Psycho. We mean that in the best way possible, of course. As a long-time fan I have to drop one of their early tracks in here.

Sahara Beck – Tapping On the Roof

Finally, some folk that’s more adventurous and interesting than your typical Triple J fare. Sahara Beck’s a young talent from Brisbane who’s just started making waves nationally.

Parquet Courts – Dust

One of the latest bands in a long, long line of stripped-back New York City rock bands that probably began back in the early-to-mid sixties in some enterprising teenager’s living room or garage, if not in Andy Warhol’s Factory a few years later. Just do yourself a big favour and go see Parquet Courts.

Modern Baseball – Everyday

Modern Baseball – ‘Everyday’

More new punky lo-fi from the US, this time harking back to bands like The Replacements, Hüsker Dü and American indie rock’s pre-Nirvana college radio heyday. It seems there’s a lot of that on the Falls menu this year, which is a bit of a change from recent years.

Hockey Dad – A Night Out With

An Aussie entry into the Falls rock n’ roll revival. A little bit of sun-bleached suburban lo-fi pop straight outta Boronia. Perfect for any summer festival line-up.

Dumb Punts – Space Waster

These Melbourne slacker-rock brats are one of the Unearthed winners and will be playing at Lorne. Loads of fuzz, loads of fun.

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