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Editor of Local Eyes, urban explorer and general travel-aholic.

La Belle Miette

‘La belle miette’ literally means ‘a beautiful crumb’, and this is all you will be left with after devouring these delicious macarons.

Brioche by Philip

Delicious French pastry meets 5 Senses coffee at this Japanese-inspired city cafe. If we could design the perfect cafe it would look something like this.

Chick In

With chicken served every which way and some very generous beer offerings, Chick-In is more than just another fried chicken venture.

Don Don

Don’t expect frills or spectacle here, the food is straightforward, humble and, though it may not look pretty in the bowl, delicious.


From the street, guests follow a trail of overheard carnival lights to find themselves entering the pastel-coloured Mexican dream that is Fonda.


Like its sister bars, Section 8 and Ferdydurke, Belleville carries an urban, almost grung vibe. Unlike its sisters, it also serves up solid Asian-inspired fare with heaps of flavour.

Rooftop Bar

This darling of the Melbourne bar scene always has something happening, whether it be pop-up food stalls, an outdoor movie or a surprise DJ set.

The Evelyn Hotel

The trustworthy Evelyn Hotel, the perfect spot for a game of pool, live music or mixing with the eclectic locals in the outdoor lounge.

Bar Ampere

With its unique decor, stellar cocktails and seasonal menu, this hidden bar sets the perfect tone for either a date night with that special someone, or a long-graze with friends.

Eau de Vie

Perfectly capturing the theatricality and craft of expert bar-tending that so few bars manage to achieve, it’s no wonder Eau de Vie has thrived as one of the town’s best kept secrets.

A Run With The Bulls

When the locals warned Justin Meneguzzi that he would have to be either crazy, stupid or Australian to take part in the Running of the Bulls. He didn't realise he might be all three.

24 Hours In Sydney

You've just stepped off the plane and have only a handful of days or hours to spare, what do you do? Let us be your guide to the best day trip to Sydney.

Meatball & Wine Bar

If you can forgive the staff’s love of puns and risqué references to their ‘balls’, you’ll find that the relatively straightforward and deceptively simple menu is all about making the titular meatballs shine.

Face To Face With Brazil’s Carnival

Your first solo trip is always the most confronting. My first was Rio de Janeiro for Carnival, to the pulsing allure of street music and samba, but letting down your guard can be a difficult thing for a first-time traveller to do.


This old factory has taken many forms over the years, however it has now settled on its latest incarnation as a high-quality restaurant featuring two funky bars

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