Articles by James Pilbrow

James is a Melbourne-based freelance writer and lover of music, coffee and popular culture. In his spare time he maintains a music blog called "Can You Get To That?" and performs in a variety of local bands.

The Old Bar

Take your fancy gastropub menus and cocktails elsewhere, this much-loved beer-soaked venue is all about the music.

28.03.16|James Pilbrow


With a little TLC, this former Brunswick wool factory has been transformed from an industrial relic to a shiny arts hub, theatre and beer garden.

27.03.16|James Pilbrow

The Brunswick Railway Hotel

A short train ride north of Melbourne’s CBD, you’ll notice a rather grand, imposing old building - a detached, three-storey 19th Century hotel that still today dwarfs everything around it.

27.02.16|James Pilbrow

A Merry Backpacker Christmas

Are you at a loss as to how you’ll be spending Christmas in Melbourne? Maybe you’re a traveller or maybe you’ve been here all your life, regardless here are some essential Christmas experience we think you’d be silly to miss this festive season.

17.12.15|James Pilbrow

The Evelyn Hotel

The trustworthy Evelyn Hotel, the perfect spot for a game of pool, live music or mixing with the eclectic locals in the outdoor lounge.

05.12.15|James Pilbrow
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