5 Cooking Gadgets That Will Get You Back in the Kitchen

We live in an age where we can have any cuisine we desire delivered straight to our door. While this is a great quick fix for hangovers and late-night burrito cravings, it risks the downside of depleting our bank accounts and making us a little lethargic. The overabundance of take-out has also made some of us forget how much fun cooking can be!

Thankfully, some smarty-pants designers have come up with a bunch of new kitchen toys for us to play with. And with smart devices now being the norm, they’re easier to use than ever (you can even hook them up to your smartphone to receive real-time feedback on your cooking). Paired with some fast and filling HelloFresh recipes, these nifty tools will have you racing back in the kitchen in no time. Let your inner-child run wild!

Photo by Pexels (Pixabay)

Cocktail Maker with App and Scale

While we love a good bar, the convenience and charm of a homemade drink makes DIY cocktails a worthwhile pursuit. This is a handy gadget for any aspiring mixologists or anyone who just wants to make their mates a good-old homemade cocktail. The scale connects to your smartphone, while the app advises you on how much of what to pour and if you’ve poured too much. It also comes with a huge library of around 300 simple-to-follow recipes that will have you entertained for months. It’s easy to use, with super-impressive (and delicious) results. This is definitely a kitchen must-have.

Sous-Vide Cooker

The sous-vide cooking method has exploded in popularity in recent years. It uses vacuum-sealed bags suspended in water and cooked at a low temperature to ensure that meats and vegetables are evenly-cooked, tender, flavoursome and nutrient-rich. Boiling your meat might seem unusual, but in practice it delivers perfect, restaurant-quality results. You can always grill your meat once you’ve placed it in the cooker to crisp up the outside and give it a BBQ flavour, if you want.

Smart Convection Oven

How could an oven be smart, you say? The answer: in so many ways. The smart oven contains a built-in camera which recognises what food you’re putting in and auto-adjusts the cooking mode and temperature to match it. It also watches the food for you, so that you don’t have to worry about it overcooking. The oven also offers an app which lets you set reminders for taking the food out, as well as allowing you to watch the food too, if you’re bored. Pretty clever, if you ask us! It’s also relatively small, around the size of a microwave, which means it’s portable and you can install one at your office.

Air Fryer

We love our fried food, but since it’s soaked in grease, it’s pretty unhealthy to eat too much of it. Much to our delight, however, the air fryer has stepped in to offer a healthier alternative to traditional deep frying. While air fried food isn’t going to have the same texture or taste as deep fried food, it will have the same crisp, crunchy outside. If you have any kids in your life, they’ll love this.

Smart Trash Can

Throw away your grocery list, the smart trash can is here! This small, cylindrical device clips onto your existing bin and allows you to scan the barcode of whatever you’re throwing out. Scanned items are then saved to a shopping list on your smartphone or may be automatically delivered to you via a grocery ordering service. Items that don’t have a barcode can be added to the device via a voice command. This is a savvy, time-saving tool that can help remind you of the products that you need to stock up on.

With so many awesome new appliances on the market, there’s no reason to shy away from experimenting in the kitchen. So be bold, and have fun!

Photo by Silviarita (Pixabay)

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