5 Minutes With Slim Jeffries

We caught up with Dingo from the Slim Jeffries about his band and their upcoming stint at Winter’s End III.

From left to right: Nick Renton (guitar), Andre Ricardo (drums), Hugo "Dingo" Dean (guitar/vocals) and Sam Jeffries (keyboards/vocals).

So the third Winter’s End festival is only a few weeks away, and we hope you’re as pumped as we are for this year’s line-up, which is full of loose Melbourne rock n’ roll bands. The bill features a few Melbourne institutions like The Pretty Littles and Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever plus a whole lot of rising local talents with names like Jurassic Nark, Slim Jefferies, Go Get Mum and Yeah Nah Cheers.

We had a chat with Hugo Dean aka Dingo, the front man of genre-bending punks Slim Jeffries, about what his band’s been up to and what to expect from Winter’s End III.

LE: Is the name Slim Jeffries a Jim Jeffries reference?

D: [Laughs] No! People always think that – we came up with that name well before any of us were really Jim Jeffries fans. We’re all into him now, which is funny. One of the members of the band is called Sam Jeffries, and before he joined, we were in a band called The Slims, and when he joined we all started calling him Slim Jeffries. And we just thought that would be a cool band name.

LE: Very catchy name.
D: Cheers – thanks Jim for helping us out with that.

LE: Your sound is an interesting blend of a few different things. Hip-Hop, the fun side of nineties punk rock, a bit of psychedelia, and a lot of other sounds thrown in there, too. How’d that all come about?

D: Yeah, it’s like a platypus of music. Just all sorts of stuff thrown together that’s hopefully going to be cool and interesting. We’re all huge fans of different things – I’m big into nineties hip-hop, our drummer’s super into Rage Against The Machine, I’m super into Rage Against The Machine. We’ve all got influences from what the guys in King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Tame Impala and Pond. Those guys are doing really awesome psychedelic rock.

LE: How’d you guys hear about the Winter’s End festival and get on board for it?

D: Richard, one of the guys who started the festival, got in touch with us over Facebook, and I think Jack Parsons from The Pretty Littles might have recommended he get us on board which was nice of Jack!

LE: Your gigs get pretty rowdy. I have a pretty distinct memory of your bass player Sam wearing a dress embedded into my mind. Without giving too much away, do you have any antics like that planned for Winter’s End?

D: Sam’s actually going to be back on the bass for the festival – we got a new bass player and Sam moved onto the keys, but he’s going off to America or Europe or some shit. So Sammy’s going to be back on the bass so I hope he gets the dress out again.

LE: Or the pirate costumes?
D: [Laughs] Maybe we’ll go pirates, bit of a throwback!

LE: Of the other bands, who are you most excited about seeing at Winter’s End?

D: I’m really down to see Jurassic Nark – I’ve been listening to them for a while and have been trying to hook up a show with them, so keen get around them. Their music’s sick. Also The Pretty Littles are just one of my favourite bands, ever, so it’s awesome that they’re playing as well. I’ve heard the Rolling Blackouts are really good, I haven’t listened to much of their music but everyone’s been telling me to!

LE: What are your plans for the rest of the year?

D: Well, they’re pretty ambitious ones. Will Base, our bass player (funnily enough), is going to be away until December, and we’ve just recorded a bunch of stuff with him playing. So hopefully we’re gonna work super hard and finish off a six-to-eight track ten-inch little EP out there, as our first record proper release, and start touring it early next year. So hopefully that all goes to plan. We’re recording and producing it ourselves so there’s all the time in the world, I suppose! You can get hung up on the little things [laughs].

Catch the Slim Jeffries at Winter’s End III, which runs from September 2-4 in Avenel, or visit their Facebook page. Tickets are available here.

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