10 Essential Melbourne Foodie Experiences

Whether you’re a true-blue born and bred Melbournian or you’re just a visitor to our fair city, we have rounded a list of must-do foodie experiences that we feel make our home town just that little bit extra special.

Jam donuts at Queen Victoria Market are a must.

1. Meat Pies & Friday Night Football At The ‘G’

Is there anything like ending your working week by battling the crowds and losing your voice under the lights of the MCG? Make sure you rug up in your team colours and warm your hands on a hot Four’n Twenty meat pie to experience true happiness irrespective of your team’s performance on the field.

2. Hot Jam Doughnuts At Queen Victoria Market

Visiting the Queen Vic Market should definitely be on any must-do list in Melbourne; but your journey to this culinary epi-centre is definitely not complete without purchasing a bag of steaming sugar rolled hot jam doughnuts

3. Early Morning Souvlakis From Stalactites

Whether you’ve been partying it up, worked a late shift or just woke up in the middle of the night with a hankering for meat in bread, the never-closed institution that is Stalactites on Lonsdale Street is the perfect place to satisfy your garlic sauce cravings with likeminded night owls like yourself.

4. Wait An Hour For Brunch At Top Paddock

We take the business of brunching pretty seriously in Melbourne town, and there is no place more serious about waiting lists and exceptional breaky fare than Top Paddock in Richmond. Grab a takeaway coffee and join the masses on the lawn as you wait for the elusive moment your name is called.

5. Experience True Coffee Appreciation

While Melbourne is copping heat for a certain infamous deconstructed coffee, it’s fair to say that in this city coffee is more than just a cup of ground up beans and milk – it’s a way of life and basically its own food group. We have an endless list of great cafes that deliver premium brews and ensure your coffee experience is forever enlightened. Our top picks are St Ali in South Melbourne, Proud Mary in Collingwood, Monk Bodhi Dharma in Balaclava and Industry Beans in Fitzroy.

6. Casual Parma Night At The Local Pub

The greatest pub meal ever. Big call but probably true. The legendary parma, a holy trinity of golden chicken, cheese and tomato sauce, is a staple across all Melbourne pubs with everyone having their own interpretations/opinions about what makes a great one. The only way to find out the truth? Try them all… obviously. Visit the folks at Parma Daze, who have been hunting the perfect Melbourne parma for years.

7. Slurping Pho In Richmond

If we had to a name a soup that epitomised Melbourne’s cross-cultural dining scene, it would most like be pho. The much-loved Vietnamese noodle soup is the savior of many penny-pinching foodies who require complete deliciousness for less than $10. We are forever grateful! Luckily you can grab a bowl just about anywhere on Victoria Street in Richmond.

8. Wait In Line For Gelato Messina In The Middle Of Winter

Melbourne’s lack of sunshine has no direct impact on our love of gelato. Despite blistering cold weather and rain, you will most likely be waiting in line to get your scoop of Gelato Messina. Check out their Instagram and Facebook to anticipate their special flavours of the week otherwise the indecision may just take over

9. Make Friends Over The Counter At Pellegrini's

Pellegrini’s is an icon of Italian-Australia culture and the perfect place to stop by when you’re short on company. You could actually be mistaken for being in Italy as your step into the diner style restaurant that has basically been untouched for the last 30 years. Indulge in Italian classics like bolognaise and lasagna and don’t forgot to order a slice of pie for dessert (con panna – always)

10. Order A Potato Cake As You Wait For The Train

You can smell them as you descend the escalator onto the Flinders Street Station platform – they’re almost calling your name. The comforting crunch of a salty warm potato cake at the end of a long day can almost make up for the fact your train has been cancelled and delayed a further 20 mins. Almost.

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